Ladies Signet Ring in 9 Carat Yellow Gold - Ring Size O

£ 185.00
Smart and timeless, this classic 9 carat Yellow Gold Ladies’ Signet Ring makes an ideal gift. The smooth golden face of the ring can be left blank, or can be engraved with an initial by Goldsmiths’ skilled craftspeople to personalise this lovely piece. Worn since ancient times, signet rings are symbols of prestige and power, and once upon a time nobles would place their signet ring in hot wax to seal their letters and leave their mark or signature. With a signet ring, the focus is on the metal used, and the engraving, as they are mostly not set with gemstones. The warm yellow tones and heavyweight nature of the 9 carat gold used in this ring means that it will be a natural focal point, and the unobtrusive nature of the design ensures that this pretty signet ring will combine easily with all other items in your jewellery collection.