9ct White Gold 0.15ct Wrapped In Love 88 Facet Diamond Pendant

£ 400.00
With a shape inspired by nature, this Wrapped in Love 0. 15 carat Diamond Pendant in 9 carat White Gold is the ideal gift for a big milestone event such as the birth of a child, an important anniversary, or a special birthday. The diamond is wrapped in the curves of the white gold in an elegant teardrop shape, but this necklace isn’t as fragile as it might appear: made of diamonds and gold. Whatever the special occasion –or even if there is none- this piece will be genuinely cherished by its owner forever. Goldsmiths Brightest Diamond; introducing one of the most brilliant cut diamonds in the world, the Goldsmiths exclusive 88 facet unique pattern adds additional facets to the bottom of diamond, creating an immense flow of light for maximum brilliance fire, scintillation and sparkle. Comes complete with a certificate of authenticity.’