Diamond Set Leaf Ring in 9 Carat White Gold - Ring Size L

£ 150.00
Designed with an appealingly organic leaf shape, this pretty eternity style ring is an ideal piece of diamond jewellery that’s smart enough for charming every day wear, while still being special enough to add the finishing touches to more formal ensembles. This 0.08 total carat weight Diamond Set Leaf Ring in 9 carat White Gold looks young, contemporary, and fresh, but thanks to its superior materials and precious stones, it’s no transitory fashion piece: it will last a lifetime. The natural foliage design is particularly flattering on younger women, and would make a perfect gift for a 21st birthday or graduation present, although the classic appeal of the round cut diamonds, complimented by the timeless shimmer of the 9 carat white gold, means that this ring is a suitable and highly attractive ornament for more mature fingers and hands, too.