Men's G-Shock Premium Gravitymaster Black x Gold Alarm Chronograph Radio Controlled Watch

£ 850.00
Master of G Black and GoldRenowned for reliable functionality, constructed to operate under severe environments on land, the sea and in the air – the new matte black and gold series adds distinctive elements to the design. Buttons, band buckle, band loop, crown, and bezel, with other metal parts are gold ion plated. The result is a collection of beautiful timepieces that maintain all the original toughness of the G-SHOCK brand. Toughness, accuracy and high quality combined, this timepiece features GPS HYBRID radio-controlled, solar-powered functionality in a TRIPLE G RESIST shock-resistant structure, enabling display of the correct time in the current location in any time zone worldwide. *GPS HYBRID radio-controlled, solar-powered watch: A watch powered by CASIO’s original solar-charging system that conducts accurate time correction based on time data for the current location received from GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites or standard time radio signals from terrestrial transmission stations.