Hugo Boss Ikon Mens Watch 1513178

£ 185.00
Tough and purposeful whilst remaining undeniably stylish this well designed this Hugo Boss Ikon Chronograph watch manages to remain at the forefront of classic style whilst giving the arduous wearer a large degree of functionality. The beautifully crafted black leather strap perfectly accompanies the tachymeter which sits at the front of the hard wearing stainless steel case allowing accurate timing of distance travelled so is perfect for racing, flying or sailing and is the perfect surround for the black dial. Water resistant to 100 metres and powered by precision quartz movement the chronograph functions are controlled by easy to operate buttons either side of the crown. This watch is a true companion for the courageous and adventurous man who cares about style and wants to stay ahead of trends working just as well whilst sat at your desk planning your next adventure as it does when you’re on it.