Breitling Aerospace Mens Watch E7936310/BC27-152E

£ 3 260.00
Since 1884 Breitling have been a specialist in technical watches and today are the official supplier to world aviation. Unusually for a large luxury watch manufacturer all of Breitling's watches are equipped with chronometer-certified movements. All mechanical chronograph parts are crafted in Breitling's own workshops and Breitling remains one of the last independent family-run Swiss watchmakers.The most recent incarnation of a classic timepiece this Breitling Aerospace Evo Men's Watch is complete with an electronic multifunction chronograph in satin-brushed titanium displays a powerful dynamic and technical style. It is notable for its especially straightforward and cogent control system. Simply rotating pressing or pulling out the crown is sufficient to operate the entire set of aviation-standard functions. The Aerospace Evo also features an impressive and efficient and NVG-compatible display backlighting system and the whole watch is crafted from gleaming and robust black titanium.