Unisex Eone The Bradley x KBT Special Edition Titanium Watch

£ 255.00
Eone's history of inclusive design and charitable work continues with a special collaboration with the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust. Every purchase of this watch allows Eone to help blind children in East Africa learn, by either repairing a Brailler device, or providing a year's worth of Braille paper in partnership with the KBT. This gives children knowledge, creativity, independence and opportunities that they would struggle to access without this equipment.The Bradley timepiece was inspired by Bradley Snyder, a former naval officer serving as a bomb diffuser in Afghanistan. He lost his sight while on active duty, and refused to let this limit his life. Bradley won gold and silver medals in swimming at the London Paralympic Games in 2012. Working with Bradley, as well as other visually impaired users, Eone was able to produce The Bradley timepiece. Rather than traditional braille or tactile or talking watches, the Bradley allows the user to accurately and discreetly tell the time using touch, or visually, while still being a stylish watch and aesthetically pleasing. Inside the watch is a quartz movement with Swiss parts, and the time is told with a combination of tactile, raised hour markers, and two magnetised ball bearings running in independent tracks around the front and edge of the watch case with the hours and minutes. If the user's touch is too forceful, rather than affecting the timekeeping, the ball bearings will roll around the inside their track and settle again on the correct time.The case is made of a mix of stainless steel and aluminium, giving a pleasing texture to the touch as well as visual appeal, and fitted with a striking orange leather strap.