Unisex Suunto Ambit2 Bluetooth S HR Red Alarm Chronograph Watch

£ 325.00
OUTDOOR FUNCTIONSGPSFull-featured GPS (SiRFIV v2.2)Adjustable GPS fix rate (1 s, 60 s)Location in multiple coordinate systemsWaypoint and route navigationFind backTrack backTrack logging, viewing and sharing*Point of Interest (POI) creationRoute planning*ALTIMETERGPS altitudeTotal ascent/descent**Vertical speed**Altitude graphCOMPASS3D compass with declination adjustment* in Movescount.com** Requires GPS Accuracy setting i?1besti?1TRAINING & SPORTS-SPECIFIC FUNCTIONSTRAININGGPS-based speed, pace and distanceReal-time, average and max. heart rate ♥Calories ♥Heart rate limits ♥Heart rate graph in real time ♥Peak Training Effect & Recovery Time ♥Manual & autolapsChronoCountdown timerInterval timerGPS track analysis*Heart rate zones* ♥EPOC & V02 max values* ♥MULTISPORTSSwapping of sport while logging and exercisePreconfigured multisport modesSports comparison*Post-analysis of multisport exercise by sport*Interactive map and charts by sport/section of an exercise*ANT+i?1 and Suunto ANT support for PODsRUNNINGResponsive running pace/speed (FusedSpeedi?1)Running cadence with Foot PODLap comparisons by each kilometer/mile*Ghost Runner (Suunto App)Marathon End-time Estimator (Suunto App)CYCLINGMultiple Bike POD support (Suunto ANT/ANT+i?1)Bike Power (W), average and maximumBike Power 3 s, 10 s, 30 sBike lap and lap maximum powerPower distribution & graphs*Peak Power Curve for peak power outputs*Bike Power requires use of optional ANT+i?1 bike power sensor.SWIMMINGSwimming time by pool length, lap, totalSwimming pace & distanceSwimming stroke rate, count & typeAutomatic intervalsDynamic lap table with strokes, pace and durations*SUUNTO APPS1000+ free Suunto Apps for outdoors & trainingUp to 50 Apps pre-configurable in watchLogging of all App values for post-analysisSuunto Apps creation with:Chrono, GPS, HR, weather and altitude data ♥Running, cycling, swimming dataRich math functions, if/then logic, sound, backlight, etc.* in Movescount.com♥ requires use of optional Suunto ANT/ANT+i?1 or Suunto Dual Heart Rate BeltGENERALTime, date, alarm, dual timeMultiple UI languages (EN, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, NL, PT, SV)GPS timekeepingPositive / negative display switchUser-adjustable backlightVersatile button lockLow battery indicatorMetric and imperial unitsPower save modesAdjustable recording of HR and baro/alti (1 s, 10 s)Data transfer and charging with USB cableWatch settings & customization*Advanced post-analysis of exercise*Training logbook with story and image support*New functionalities with software upgrades*