Victorinox INOX Mens Watch

£ 545.00
A watch embodying the history of a pioneering brand that creates objects characterized by ultimate functionality and uncompromising quality. 4 years of deliberation, 3 years of development, 6 months of trials, 421 prototypes and 130 tests have established a new standard in watchmaking. Three hands and a date. A beveled bezel, seemingly sculpted by a knife. A monobloc dial with a clean design. A modern signature. This apparent simplicity conceals technical complexity while its perfectly balanced structure is robust with comfortable fit. Made to last, it defies deliberate obsolescence. Its perfection verges on an obsession, its performance, the stuff of records. I. N.O. X. is the watch of a lifetime. Suited to every moment. Simply timeless. True to the ingenuity of Victorinox, the I. N.O. X. watch comes with a removable bumper, which protects the watch from scratches and gives it a distinct presence.