Pre-Owned Rolex Explorer II Mens Watch, Circa 2015

£ 5 395.00
Launched in 1953 as the ultimate expedition and mountaineering watch, the Explorer draws on decades of experience of Rolex in the Himalayas. It is designed for optimal legibility even in the dark - a crucial feature for explores. The Rolex Explorer II, first released in 1971, is the natural heir to the original Rolex Explorer - yet with a character all of its own. A robust, highly refined tool watch, the Explorer II swiftly became the watch of choice of speleologists, volcanologists and polar and jungle explorers, thanks to its specially designed features. This Pre-Owned Rolex Explorer II mens Watch, comes with a 42mm, stainless steel case which houses the white dial and an automatic movement that provides the power to the watch. Attached to the case is a stainless steel bracelet for added security on the wrist and a water resistance of 100m. The bracelet is approximately 19cm in length.Pre-Owned Information Condition - Good condition. Packaging - Box and Paperwork Included. Warranty - 24 Month warranty provided. This Is an Image of the Actual Watch.